Lessons from Stitching; Quilt Starter Bundles make great gifts; New linens of heavier weight

posted Nov 18, 2019, 4:40 PM by Lorna Shapiro
Hi everyone! Hope this finds you well. All is well in the Shapiro household... no news to report!
Serendipitous Stitchery with Uschi Greiner is underway...
We've now had two sessions with Uschi and are enjoying learning from her and sharing our ideas with each other. On the first night of stitching I learned two useful lessons:
Thread is intended to be pulled through fabric in the same direction that it comes off the spool. This is due to the winding together of the multiple strands of thread (2-ply or 3-ply). If we thread a needle such that we are pulling the thread through in the opposite direction from which it came off the spool then the thread has a greater tendency to coil and get knotted.
Second, needle holes are punched and thread goes much more easily through the hole if it goes through in the same direction in which the hole was punched. Hence, if you are having trouble threading a needle, rotate the needle and try threading it from the opposite direction and you will find it thread easily. Going through opposite to the direction in which the hole was punched causes the thread to catch on the outer edges of the hole and not proceed through the hole. WHO KNEW????!!!!! Well, maybe you did, but I sure didn't and I can't tell you how many times since that first night I have turned a needle around and found the thread just passes through the hole no trouble at all.
The women stitching are tackling a variety of projects, and are sharing what they know as they stitch... we are having fun. In December I'll find out who is continuing in the sessions and what spare spaces we will have for the January to June term. Stay posted. Here's a photo of what I've been doing...
Notice those cute little flowers and also the feather stitches in the red border!
Quilt Starter Bundles... Great Christmas/Chanukah gifts for your quilting buddies.
Shannon, Irene and I have been busily putting together some beautiful wee packages of 5 coordinating half-M cuts that make a great start on a quilt at a great price. I've priced these packages at $33 and they typically include a variety of textures so you have a beautiful palette and a range of textures both. Here are some photos to give you the idea...

New Gorgeous Linens have arrived...
I've just received 10 bolts of a beautiful linen that is heavier weight than blouse linen, and is good for jackets, pants, pillows, towels, and quilts of course... It's 54" wide and $31.95/M. Here are some photos to give you the idea.
Finally, remember to mark your calendars...
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Email Orders too... lorna.shapiro@gmail.com
That's it for now... enjoy your quilting and stitching...